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Remembering the good times and wishing for many more in the future!

I love you sweetie!!!

Granted, every second that I spend with you is another wonderful moment, but here are some of my favorite memories of "us." I hope you enjoy looking back on these times as much as I do!
August 23, 1997 This is the day that you called me after Anthony and I broke up! Even though you lied to me and said that you didn't know that we had broken up, this moment was the beginning of the best 9 months of my entire life!
October 4, 1997 This was the Homecoming Dance, "A Night to Remember." I loved every minute of it because I was with you! And don't forget how we cruised all over Findlay looking for some place to eat!
October 31, 1997 We didn't have school this day so you came over to my house since nobody was home. My mother thought I was at your house, so she called your house and your Grandmother said I wasn't there!
November 7, 1997 You came to see my marching band concert because you're such a sweetie! Afterwards my parents left with my keys so I had to call them on the cell phone! Then we went to see "Phases out of Turn."
November 8, 1997 We went to see "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and then we went to the park. We sat on the hill and watched a soccer game, among other things. Then you amused yourself by trying to scare me with "the hook!"
November 22, 1997 This was the day of the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, and my parents weren't home. For some reason we didn't get much of the game watched! This was also the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance, which was very boring. We left after the first half hour and went to Hedges where we got caught for being in the park after closing time! Close call!
December 31, 1997- January 1, 1998. We rang in the new year together at my house. I knew just from the first few minutes of 1998 that this was going to be a good year!
January 19, 1998 This wasn't one of our best memories together, but it proved that we can get through anything together! We both had a little scare at your house this day when we didn't have school. I really didn't know what to do, so I told my mother, who was very supportive, and with her help, I made sure that this would never happen again. And, ever since t his incident, we have been enjoying ourselves, worry-free!
February 14, 1998 The best Valentine's Day ever because I got to spend it with you! We went to Jeremy's Grandparents' house and you found it much too amusing wher Mary walked in on us!
February 23, 1998 Our 6 month anniversary! It was hard to beleive that we had been together for 6 months already! My, how time flies when you are having fun!
March 14, 1998 This was the day of the Third Eye Blind and Smashmouth concert. Aaron drove us to Ada and it was really cold. Then he locked the keys in the car! This was one of my favorite times together, well, one that we were having pure, innocent, fun!
April 5, 1998 This was the day that I left for Florida with the band. You came to say good-bye to me, and I didn't want to leave you! You gave me a little stuffed puppy whom I named Jim, and he went everywhere with me in Florida!
April 23, 1998 This was our 8 month anniversary. You washed my car for me and left me a balloon and a card which I will always cherish. Everytime I read that card, it brings tears of love and happiness to my eyes!
May 16 & 17, 1998 This was by far my favorite memory of us together! It was the weekend of the DARE overnighter and it was the perfect cover-up for my parents. We stopped at the YMCA to pick me up a T-shirt and then it was off to Twin Pines! Some of the hilights: our shower before we went to Jeremy's grandparents' house to get the alarm clock, sleeping in your arms, waking up by your side, you trying to warm me up in the morning (you did a very good job!), and our hot shower in the morning! I felt like such a rebel all night, but every risk I took was worth it for you. This was the best weekend of my entire life! Let's do again some time, OK?
May 18, 1998 This was my 17th birthday, and the best birthday of my entire life because I got to spend it with you! You came over for dinner and then we went for a walk at the resevoir. It was so hard to say good- bye to you that night. The day that you will be leaving was just coming up too fast, and after you left, I broke down and cried for hours! This marked your last 2 weeks here with me.
May 23, 1998 Not only was this our nine month anniversary, but it was also Prom. The evening went so fast and I enjoyed every minute of it because I was with you! The way you escorted me around on your arm-you made me feel like a princess! Afterwards we had a little get-together at my house which was fun, but the best part was the fact that you spent the night at my house!
May 24, 1998 After we woke up, my parents made us breakfast and then we left for Cedar Point. I don't think that I have ever had so much fun before! A few things to remember: the May Flies out of a Stephen King movie, "Bad Eggy," Power Tower--the biggest thrill in the world, and running back to the car to get our jackets. Then on the way home you were being such a trouble-maker! We just accidently had to stop at our usual little place before I took you home. Wow was I tired by the time I got home! What a great weekend!
May 29,1998 This was the day that you graduated from high school. Afterwards we went to Brookhaven with Jeremy and Mary and I beat you! Not to mention our stop for a little "pure innocent fun" before we went home. We went way out in the country someplace and I cut it too close to my curfew. You walked out to TJ's house from the Huss Street Bridge. I worried about you all night!
May 30, 1998 We had a very busy day. First there was your graduation party. I was so proud of you. Remember how we went wading up to our thighs? Then we went to several graduation parties and got stuck taking Emily to Republic with us. Afterwards we went to your house and your dad was using the remote as a pillow. We went outside and we both got pretty emotional. I wished that I could just take you home and hide you in my closet forever. This was a very difficult night for me.
May 31, 1998 This was your last full day in Tiffin. I went to church with you and your family and to your grandmother's house for lunch. I saw you again later that night when we met at the park. I bladed while you ran and then we played in the sand in the volleyball courts. This was our last evening together.
June 1, 1998 Since this was the last time I got to see you before you left for boot camp, I wish I could say that it was a good day, but it wasn't. I had to go to school but I couldn't concentrate because all I thought about was you. Then when I came to hang out with you after school, you were still in Norwalk. We were able to spend from about 3:45 until you left around 4:45 together, but you were so busy getting ready to leave and spending time with your family, that I barely had a chance to see you. When it was time for you to go, our good-bye was very short and simple. Watching you leave in that car was the hardest thing I've ever done in my whole life. Fortunately, you were able to call me later that night from Cleveland and as glad as I was that I was able to talk to you again, it was very hard knowing that I wouldn't be able to hear your voice again for several monthes.
June 2, 1998 When the phone rang this night after school, I assumed that it wasn't you. When I heard your voice I was so surprised! I loved hearing from you, but doing the whole good-bye AGAIN was very difficult for me! I was such a mess that I think I started to get you upset or worried about me, so my mother let me call you back to apologize. I miss you already!
September 19, 1998 The day after you graduated for boot camp, your mother called my mom to arrange for you to surprise me by your return. I left to take Jason to the Heritage Festival and whe I came back you were standing inside the door in dress blues! I was so shocked and so happy to see you,(as the pictures show!) We went to the festival and cruised round and of course stopped to catch up on some long over-due "pure innocent fun" (on my car!!!) until a sound in the brush by the river scared the crap out of us!
September 20, 1998 We went to see Tiff and then went to Dan's going away party. We also cruised around and had some "fun." I didn't care what we did, I was just so happy to be back in your arms again.
September 21, 1998 You came to school after 7th period to show your "blues" to everyone. You then preceeded to show off your tattoos too, while I just watched, and bragged about you. (Look at Jim!--Wow, ya gotta love a man in uniform!, He's mine and no one else can have him! So THIS is what you've been waiting for!?!--Hell yeah!!) This was also the night you hit your head on the air conditioner when getting out of Jeremy's car!!
September 22, 1998 I came over to your house after school and me enjoyed ourselves until my mom called telling me I was suppose to be at work. Later I picked you up at the recruiters' office and we wnt to Findlay to get your blades. Then we went out to the park and after blading for awhile, we had a serious and emotional discussion about our future.
September 25, 1998 You came to school (in uniform!) for you recruiter. I got all three lunches from Mrs. Woodruff just so I could be with you. Then 2 girls got in a fight right in front of us, and instead of breaking them up, you were cheering her on! Then you gave the girl who started the fight a card and told her to call the recruiting office! You are just too funny! lol
October 1, 1998 It was "Army Day" for me at school so you supplied Tiff and I with pressed and starched cammies, and we were the best dressed there! I came over after the clash of the classes and you took time out of putting your car stereo in with Anthony and Ryan to paint my nails! Aren't you so sweet!
October 3, 1998 Wow, what a night! This was my senior homecoming dance. You wore your dress blues (WOW!!!) despite the warm weather. We took Tiff and Howie to Pioneer Mill and ate with Andrea and Ryan. It was so much fun and Howard made a huge joke out of all the brownie points you get with me. (Plus 2!) I have never felt so special and priveleged as when I walked into the dance with you and head literally turned as we walked by! It felt so good to be in your arms again. Then Tiff and Howard went back to your place to hang out in your newly completed basement. We kicked them out around 1:00AM afte tickling each other to death and "fixing my hair" in the bathroom. Then we went "grocery shopping" at Dairy Mart and went back to your house for some quick "fun" befor my 2:00 curfew. What a night!!!
October 4, 1998 This is the day that I found out that you were leaving sooner than expected. I really took the news hard because I had grow so attached to you in our few weeks together. You came to visit me around 9:00PM and we just cuddled and cried together until 10:30PM.
October 6, 1998 What a sweetheart! You came to school during 5th period and asked for my car keys. Then you left 4 roses in my car! I came to visit you at the recruiter's office for awhile and you took me out for ice cream. Then you came over and we cuddled and tickled and were troublemakers until almost 11:00PM in my basement! What would my parents say if they found out! "Bad Jimmy!"
October 7, 1998 Nothing exciting, I just came to visit you at the recruiter's office and he was trying to convince me to join the Corps. When he heard I was planning on being a Computer Science major, he told me I would never make it because I would use white-out on the screen. He lost all his brownie point with me, and so did you for laughing at it!!!
October 9, 1998 You came to the football game in Bucyrus. You refused to do any of the dance dances until I pouted, and then sure enough you did Frankenstein AND Jump Shake Your Booty! After the game I went back to your house where you first enlightened me with stories of how you drove through cornfields on the way back from the game, and then we gave each other full body massages.
October 10, 1998 This was your last day home. :o( You made me a yummy spaghetti dinner and we ate by candlelight. On my way out the door to go pick up the pictures we had taken that day, "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" came on the radio and we danced together. As always, our last night together ended in a teary goodbye, our only comfort was that we would hopefully be together again for Christmas, only a few months away.
December 23, 1998 My turn to suprise you! I had Tiff and Howie, and Andrea and Scott over to help me decorate my basement for a small, late night surprise homecoming celebration for you. It was great to see you again sweetie!
December 24, 1998 This is the day that you gave me my Christmas presents, the saphire ring, the sweater, and the emerald green "surprise" from Victoria's Secret. I went to midnight mass with your family after returning from the usual Christmas Eve get-together at my Grandma Phelps. You called my an alcoholic after discovering that I had a bottle mark above my lip!
December 25, 1998 We went to see "The Faculty" with Tiff and Howie, but not before we cruised around looking at Christmas lights. (Tiff following us in her car) We got to a dead end and you just drove in circles! Tiff thought we were crazy!
December 26, 1998 This was the night that I went to the Demolay induction with you. You were honored and praised so much that you had tears in your eyes. It was so cute! Then we rented "Can't Hardly Wait" and of course didn't pay much attention to the movie. ("My mom is above us, my dad is below us, and its 2:00 in the morning!)
December 27, 1998 This is the day we went to Sandusky with Tiff and Howie. We ditched them for awhile while we went to buy you your ring. Then we went and got our "little devils" picture taken and Tiff and Howie got an "angels" picture taken. Then we went to see "You've Got Mail" and you were ignoring me during the movie. I was trying to get your ring off your finger to see it, and you flung you finger and the ring went flying onto the floor! Fine, ignore me, I got revenge on you later when we went back to my house, in the computer chair!
December 29, 1998 This is when we took Mary out to lunch at Camden Falls. Then we went back to my house and made seven layer cookies and watched "Lady and the Tramp."
December 30, 1998 I had to work all night, but I came over to your house after I closed and we enjoyed ourselves as usual (Ooh-rah rack PT! lol) but I got rug burn on my back so bad it stayed for over a week!
December 31, 1998 Wow, busy day! We ate breakfast at Bob Evans, then went back to your place. Kasey and her boyfriend were suppose to come down and visit, and I tried to call and cancel, but they had already left. So when Jason called to say they were at my house, we didn't really rush to get there! lol (The roads were so bad! lol) Later I surprised you with a candlelight dinner in my basement, and we went back to your house so you could pack because you had to leave early because of a possible incoming blizzard. We watched the ball fall in your basement, and I modeled my Christmas present for you. :o) Then we were Bad Eggies as usual, only this time "I pick top!" All I have to say is "WOW!!!" What a way to say good-bye! lol
January 20, 1999 I would honestly have to say that this was the worst night of my life, up to this point anyway. You called very late this night to tell me that you had receive orders to go to Okinawa. I don't know what else to say, except that I was completely unprepared for this, and I was devestated beyond belief.
February 13, 1999 Your parents brought me a dozen roses and a bag of sweet tart heart from you for Valentine's when I was at work at Subway! What a surprise! You are such a sweetheart! It is things like this that make me certain I have the best boyfriend a girl could have!
April 13, 1999 After not seeing you for several months, I was more than a little excited to see you when you met me at school for lunch. I walked out the front door and you were standing beside your truck looking as sexy as ever. I couldn't help myself, when you started walking my way, I just ran to you, and landed in your arms, with the feeling of happiness overcoming me once again. I had to work that night, but Lindy let me out early. We cruised to Fremont with Ryan, and then went back to your house and watch "There's Something About Mary," but there is a big section in the middle of the movie that I don't seem to remember. I wonder why??? lol
April 14, 1999 You came to see me at luch again, and after school we went blading at Hedges. Later that night you took me to Shake Shak and we ate our ice cream over looking the river! lol You are so cute and so sweet baby!
April 15, 1999 With Mrs. Woodruff's approval, we went to breakfast at Bob Evan's during my teacher's aide period. I was supposed to work, but got called off, so we got to spend another night together cuddling at your house.
April 16, 1999 We went to breakfast at the Coffee Break, and then you picked me up at school for lunch again. Unfortunately I had to work, but we made good use of the few hours after school before I had to go to work. lol We are so bad!
April 17, 1999

Jim, I love you more that anything in the whole world. I miss you so much and I wish that you were here with me. You are the most important part of my life, and I never want to forget any of these wonderful memories that we have shared.