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My hobbies...

When I'm not hanging out with my friends or doing homework, I can usually be found at my computer where I love to surf the 'net and work on my homepage. I can also be found chatting as Niffer_17 in Yahoo!Chat or as UIN 18506685 for those of you who have ICQ.
My Car In addition to my addiction to the internet, I love to talk on the phone, listen to music, and watch movies. Although my skills are limited, I also enjoy playing pool and foos-ball. In the summertime my favorite past-time is rollerblading. I cherish my K2 Skates as well as my 1994 Olsmobile Cutlass Supreme. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) I love to go cruising around town, and when I actually have some cash, I love to go shopping.


Thank you for visiting my page!
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This page was updated on June 21, 1998.