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The 1998 Tiffin Columbian Marching Band Trip to Orlando, Florida

Over spring break, our marching band took a trip to Disney World. We drove down on five chartered Anderson buses. The first day there, we went to MGM Studios. I must say that I loved the Tower of Terror! That night my best friend Tiffany and I went dancing in front of the DJ stand while we were waiting for the fireworks. It was so much fun! The next day the band went to the Wet 'n' Wild Water Park. Then we went to eat at Planet Hollywood. It was so cool! After dinner we went shopping at the Disney Village. Tiff and I literally shopped until we dropped. On Wednesday, we went to the Magic Kingdom. Then we had a performance in the parade. What a thrill it was performing in front of such a big crowd!
On Thursday we went to EPCOT Center. It was my personal favorite. I love foreign countries and different cultures, so naturally I loved walking through all of the countries. My favorite part was when my French class pal, Andrea, and I went to a French bakery and ordered chocolate crossiants and iced cappucino. We ate beside a fountain and watched a mime with the Eiffel Tower behind us. I almost felt like I was in France!
That night we returned to the hotel earlier than usual, so my roomates, Tiffany, Andrea, Sarah, and I ordered pizza. On Friday we returned to the Magic Kingdom for our last day of fun. I loved Space mountain and Splash Mountain, but I think that all of those annoying little rides like It's a Small World should be put out of their misery! So Friday night we boarded the buses and began our journey home. Although I miss Florida and the weather, I certainly don't miss the busy schedule or the sore feet!


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